Benefits of Roller Setting Over Flat Ironing Your Hair

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Maintaining your hair in good condition requires quite a lot, especially if you have long hair. Conditioning, moisturizing, sealing, and protecting are just some of the basic things you have to do to your hair regularly before you even get to styling. For straighter styles, you can use a flat heating iron, but that comes with its challenges when used frequently.

Reduced Risk of Heat Damage

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A flat iron applies direct heat to your hair. The strands of your hair are exposed to very high temperatures at close range, which increases the chances of heat damage irrespective of whether heat protectant is used.

Roller sets, on the other hand, offers an indirect method of using heat to flatten hair. Technically, hot air will still heat your hair when you are under a hooded dryer with rollers on, but the heat will be indirect and more diffused as it hits your hair. The temperatures are also cooler, which means the risk of heat damage is reduced.

Improved Moisture Retention

The principle behind using heat to deep condition and set hair is that it lifts the cuticles, which in turn allows the products that you are using to penetrate the shaft of your hair. The downside of this is that it makes your strands dry as moisture escapes during the styling process. Less moisture makes hair more brittle and prone to breakage. Roller setting allows more moisture retention compared to flat ironing, which leaves your hair softer and less likely to break.

Increased Options

A majority of people prefer to sit under a dryer after putting on rollers, so that hair is set faster. This, however, is not the only option. Roller sets can work just as well with air drying. You only need to master the technique required to apply the rollers in a way that the right amount of tension to your hair is achieved. This means that you get similar results as you would with flat ironing, but with healthier hair and reduced costs.

Longer Lasting Style

It is usually quite disappointing when the curls start to drop just a few hours after flat ironing. You can avoid such a disappointment by using roller sets instead, as the curls last a lot longer. When done correctly, the curls can last up to a week.