Benefits of Family Dentists


Family dentistry addresses a complete line-up of oral health problems at all stages of life. This is different from general dentistry, which is restricted to a specific age group. Therefore, family dentistry easily accommodates the needs of your entire family. Some family dentistry practitioners are also specializing in other services such as cosmetic surgery. This is great because you get more services from the same dentist. Family dentistry has many benefits. Below are some of its major benefits.


Tracks your dhild’s dental development

Regular examinations by the same dentist help in keeping track of your child’s dental development. General dentists may not be well trained in handling children’s tiny teeth and small jaws. The development of a child’s jaws and teeth affects their chewing habits and their speech. A family dentist will ensure that the child’s dental health is okay. They will also advise you on the best measure to take should there be a problem.

Spots family inherited problems

When all your family members opt for the services of O’Fallon Family Dentistry, it is easier for them to detect an inherited problem. Therefore, the dentist can give special attention, especially to the kids to curb such problems at an early age. The dentist also gets to know the preventive measure, which works for your family as far as the problems are concerned. This will be a difficult thing if you do not have a family dentist.

Sets long-term habits

When you keep taking your children to the family dentist for regular checkups, the children pick good dental care habits. The children will grow up knowing that it is important to have regular dental checkups. They also get used to the dentist. Thus, they are comfortable enough to ask any dental questions they might have.

Quick solution

With a family dentist, you do not wander around looking for a dentist. You already know where to get guaranteed quality service. The dentist also has your family’s medical history. Thus, it is easier for him/her to make quick decisions.


With family dentistry, your family goes to the same dentist. You can even book your appointments on the same day by coordinating your regular check-ups. This saves time especially if you have elderly people or children you are taking care of. It also saves you the time you would be spending moving from one dentist to another.


DOCTOR Many adults are afraid of visiting a dentist. If you start taking your children to a certain dentist at an early age, they will develop a positive attitude towards regular dental check-ups. Thus, the children will be comfortable seeking dental care services as they grow to become adults. This is a positive habit that they might even pass to the next generation.