Bowling Exercises


Just as with any other sport, you need to train and exercise for you to improve your bowling game. Exercising will increase your strength and precision for you to be able to throw a bowling ball weighing 15 pounds down a sixty feet lane, without injuries. In addition to that, the exercises will keep you fit and help you minimize the chances of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and hypertension among many other health issues. Certain areas and muscles in your body are used more than others when bowling. The bowling exercises described below are designed with that in mind.cardio workout


Bowling is not a cardio-intensive game, but cardio does play a significant role. It helps to stay energized and focused throughout the game and in between games during a tournament. Doing cardio regularly will also help to decrease fatigue significantly. This does not necessarily mean that you have to run several miles a day. There are many low-intensity workouts that you can do which are just as effective. Powerwalking, swimming, and rowing are great examples. Cycling, in particular, is an excellent choice as it primarily makes use of muscles in your lower half of the body and leaves the upper half of your body well rested for throwing the ball.


Stretching helps to increase your flexibility as well as to prevent injuries such as strains. For bowling, the upper legs, upper back, arms, wrists, and shoulders are the main areas of your body that you should target. The stretching exercises that you can do for this include lunges, overhead stretches, wrist flexing and extension, and cross stretches among others. Make sure you do the stretching exercises daily before and after any other form of workout. You should also do them a couple of minutes before a bowling game.

Strength Exercisesblue kettle bell

Given the fact that bowling uses a relatively heavy ball, you need to have considerable strength. This makes it important to include the strength exercises in your regular workouts. The idea should be to tone the right muscles that will enable you to grip the ball with a lot of ease and maintain the right posture. With strength, you will also be able to throw the bowling ball with more precision. These guys carry almost every radical bowling ball on sale, and could help you get a better idea of what you need to play. Examples of the exercises that you can do for body strengthening include squats, push-ups, dumbbell curls, and sit-ups among many others.